Patrick Amstutz, CBO and Co-Founder, Molecular Partners AG

Dr. Patrick Amstutz is Chief Operating Officer of Molecular Partners. He has co-funded Molecular Partners and has been a member of the Company’s management team since its inception in 2004. At the Company, Patrick is responsible for business development, alliance management and research and development (R&D) operations. He has established a wide range of commercial collaborations and licensed several key technologies. Patrick holds a Master of Science from the ETH Zurich and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich.


Isabelle Buckle EVP Institut Pasteur

Isabelle Buckle holds a Master's degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Paris VII, which she completed at the Institut Pasteur. She recently became Global Vice-President Clinical Mass Spectrometry at Bruker Daltonics, her role being to propose innovative clinical solutions to opinion leaders and to identify future solutions. In 2010, Isabelle Buckle was appointed Chief Executive Officer of InGen BioSciences, a group that is developing multiparameter tests for infectious diseases and distributing innovative in vitro diagnostic tests for clinical use. Before directing this group, Isabelle Buckle worked for five years as Director for Global Business Development for major pharmaceutical accounts at Applied Biosystems, which subsequently became Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher). Prior to this role, Isabelle Buckle spent six years at Ciphergen Biosystems, an innovative, cutting-edge proteomics company, where she was Regional Director for Southern Europe, Belgium and Switzerland, then Head of Diagnostic Development for Europe, responsible for cooperation with clinical and pharmaceutical institutions. Before joining Ciphergen Biosystems, Dr. Buckle worked for nine years at Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (now GE), where she moved up through a variety of positions, ending up as European Sales and Marketing Director in the Non-industrial Chromatography Division.


Xavier Duportet, Founder, Hello Tomorrow and Phagex 

Xavier is the cofounder and CEO of PhageX, a spin-off from MIT and the Rockfeller University, laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, which develops "eligobiotics", which are sequence-specific antimicrobials. These smart antimicrobials provide a unique method to precisely engineer the human microbiome, and enables a specific eradication of the "bad" bacteria while leaving the rest of the flora completely intact.
Xavier is also the cofounder and president of Hello Tomorrow (www.hello-tomorrow.org), a global non-profit which goal is to bridge the gap between science and entrepreneurship, connecting and empowering the bold innovators who dare to solve the most pressing issues with technology. Active in 80 over the globe, Hello Tomorrow creates local interdisciplinary communities of students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and corporates. They notably organise the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, one of the largest international science startup competition. 

Xavier has studied at INRIA and MIT for his PhD in Synthetic Biology. His work focused on the development of new strategies to assemble large genetic circuits and engineer the genome of mammalian cells.


David Grainger, Founder, E3Bio, STX Pharma, X01

David joined Index in 2012 as a Venture Partner in the life sciences team. On behalf of Index Ventures, David has co-founded E3Bio, Methusalah, Purple therapeutics and Stx Pharma. He also founded Funxional Therapeutics and XO1. He is interested in disruptive early-stage technologies, particularly in inflammation and cardiovascular biology. Prior to joining Index, David led an internationally-recognised research group in Cambridge University's Department of Medicine, where he published more than 80 first author papers in leading journals including Nature, Science and Nature Medicine. He is an inventor on more than 150 patents and patent applications.


Kevin Johnson, Executive Chairman, Levicept

Kevin has been working with Index since 2003. He focuses on life sciences, especially drug development companies, and including Acutus Inc., B3NGF, Levicept Ltd and PanGenetics (acquired by Abbott). Prior to joining Index, Kevin was CEO of PanGenetics, a Netherlands-based antibody development company and Index investment.  He was part of the team at Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT), becoming head of research in 1994. In 1997 he was appointed to the board as Research Director and Chief Technology Officer. He led development of CAT's platform technologies and their application in the discovery of a number of human antibodies currently in clinical development.  Two of these, Humira (Abbott Pharmaceutical) and Benlysta (HGS, GSK), are now on the market. He was part of the management team that floated CAT on the London Stock Exchange. Kevin graduated in Molecular Biology from Edinburgh University and has a PhD in Pathology from Cambridge University.


Giovanni Mariggi, Principal, Index Ventures

Giovanni joined Index in 2012 as an Associate in the Life Sciences team. His investment focus is on therapeutic projects developing small molecules, antibodies or biologics for use in a number of indications. Prior to Index, he was at Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute (formerly the Imperial Cancer Research Fund), conducting his PhD research focused on vascular biology and angiogenesis. He has also delivered competitive intelligence projects to biopharmaceutical companies in the oncology field.


Michèle Ollier, Partner, Index Ventures

Michèle joined the Index Life Sciences Team as a Partner in 2006. Michele's invested and sits on the board of a number of Index Life Science portfolio companies including Epsilon 3 Bio, FunXional Therapeutics, LinguaFlex, Minerva Neurosciences and OncoEthix. She was also a Director at Aegerion. Prior to joining Index, Michele was Investment Director at EDRIP (Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partner) in Paris for three years. Before she spent more than 15 years in several development and marketing positions at Sanofi International, BMS, RPR/Aventis international and Serono International, her experience spans over different therapeutic areas as CNS, cardiovascular, oncology and reproductive health. 


Cécile Tharaud, CEO, Inserm Transfert Initiative

Cécile Tharaud, PhD. MBA, is President & Managing Partner of Inserm Transfert Initiative, the French seed fund dedicated to biomedical spin offs from academic research. She previously headed Inserm Transfert for 8 years, the Technology Transfer private affiliate of Inserm, the French National institute for biomedical research. Before joining Inserm Transfert in 2006, she worked for 10 years in the biotechnology industry, in Intellectual Property, then General Management positions (Genset, ValiGen, GeneBio). She started her career in strategic marketing and business development for pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo then SmithKline Beecham). Cecile receives an MBA (INSEAD), a PhD in genetics (Institut National Agronomique), and an MSc (Ecole Polytechnique). She is a former member of the Board of AERES (2007-2013); she is a member of the board of LFB since 2012.